What information does Global Freight Group collect?
GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP itself does not collect information about persons or entities that visit its websites. The only information collected is that which is input by the party accessing the site or wishing to access other sections of the website requiring the input of data, or data input about becoming a member. We do not use cookies or any other type of software, file, or device to seek, locate, or gather any data from persons or entities that visit our websites. Our information is limited to what you input. If you input nothing, we have nothing, and do not know who you are.

How does Global Freight Group use the data it collects?
GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP provides services to its members. A large part of those services involve identifying its members to other freight forwarders that need partners, agents, assistance etc all over the world. Hence the data that is provided to GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP by visitors is used to identify partners and agents among our membership for mutual business interests. If you are, or become, a member of GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP , the information you input is contained on our member listing and is accessible by anyone who accesses our sites. GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP uses the data it collects to enhance its ability to provide its members with the largest number of business opportunities available. Its members are all ‘businesses’ as opposed to ‘individuals’ and by virtue of their input of their data are authorizing GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP to use the information for the purpose of assisting them in enhancing their business opportunities.

Security measures in place include the use of username and password protection for certain parts of the website, accessible only to members and GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP . While we strive to keep the information that you supply directly or indirectly secure, please be aware that the internet is not a fully secure medium. Some of the services available through GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP websites are offered in conjunction with a third party. We cannot be responsible for the content of third-party websites.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact Lynn Sessa, Network Admin, GLOBAL FREIGHT GROUP via email at