The Global Freight Group is seeking new members to extend its partner network even further. The Global Freight Group:

  • has low annual membership fees
  • was originally founded by members for members, most of whom remain members
  • has Global coverage in over 130 cities in over 50 countries
  • offers exclusive territory representation, enforced by the Protection Criteria
  • organises an annual mandatory conference to strengthen relationships and promote new business
  • offers a member to member liability insurance fund
  • offers training and expertise in specialist freight groups (live animals group already initiated)
  • is a non-profit organisation




The benefits of belonging

The Global Freight Group is an alliance of independently-owned freight and logistics businesses located throughout the world.

As a member, you have immediate access to a global network of business partners who will work with you on a profit sharing basis – providing you with a “local” office everywhere in the world to make sure that your customers’ cargo gets to its final destination as fast and efficiently as possible.

At the same time, you will become the “local” office in your country/territory for all the other members of the Group – handling incoming traffic from their customers.

Low Costs

Unlike some international freight associations, GFG from the beginning has determined to keep the costs of membership as low as possible. The organisation is non-profit making and employs only one full time member of staff (Group Administrator, Rachel Marchant, who is based in the UK). All other functions are carried out on a voluntary basis by the elected Directors.

All new members are required to pay a single entry free of US$1,000.00 prior to attendance at their first conference.

The first level of membership (Observer) is billed at $1200.00 a year, as is the second level (Aspirant).

Members who are approved following these trial periods can then be voted upon to become a Full Member. Full members have voting rights and are obliged to attend the Mandatory meeting every year. Full membership carries a US$500.00 entry fee and an annual subscription of US$1,725.00. This amount includes the registration fee for one delegate to attend the mandatory GFG meeting.

Territory Rights

Membership gives you the exclusive right to be the only GFG representative in your country or state. Retention of exclusivity is subject to the member meeting a number of obligations. If these criteria are not met, the group may seek a second member in that territory.

Existing trading relationships

If you have existing trading relationships with organisations outside GFG, the GFG will not insist you give these up. However, if you cannot offer the GFG member in that location any business they are unlikely to reciprocate. If this situation extends to five or more member territories and these members choose to complain about the lack of reciprocal trade, your exclusivity rights may be rescinded and a second member may be appointed in your territory.


As well as enabling formal GFG business to be managed, the conferences provide the opportunity for members to hold face-to-face business meetings (usually over 1000 separate meetings of this kind are held). This is the most cost-effective way of conducting business on a global scale.

The group is constantly developing and seeking to improve. Therefore the conference format has been reviewed and now, instead of two scheduled conferences each year, there is now the one mandatory conference in the Fall, usually October, which all members attend. The new format means that members can expect to see all members at the mandatory Fall conference, thus increasing business potential. This brings the GFG more in line with current financial considerations for its members, reducing their attendance costs, while understanding that it may adapt to further changes in the future.


Once a member, you will discover that extremely strong bonds develop with others members. One long-standing member describes GFG as the “Global Friendship Group” – a group that does business with each other, but does so in an atmosphere of trust and friendship.


The demands on you as a GFG member are simple. Trade with your fellow members on a fair and reasonable basis; pay your dues (to GFG and other members) in a reasonable time; attend the GFG conferences you are required to.