LAX 2008, revisiting favourite places…



LAX2008b The GFG conference received sponsorship from Logiware (formerly Logisoft)



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Los Angeles was a record breaking conference in more ways than one…

GFG Group Administrator Rachel Marchant reports on events in Los Angeles, 13 – 15 April 2008.


Not only were there record breaking temperatures during the Los Angeles conference but the GFG broke its own records.

Firstly, the Spring 2008 conference – the third casual conference – broke previous attendance records with 48 working participants (plus 8 social guests) from 34 member companies.

Furthermore, we surpassed expectations for a casual conference by being able to introduce two new members (LSI from Ireland and General Freight from Pakistan) and welcoming one other member to their first conference – Seaworld from Tunisia. See below for photos.


Chao Time for the BOD…

Since the GFG Directors give their time and effort voluntarily for the good of the GFG, they enjoy an extra social event the night before their meeting on the Sunday of each conference. This time, the venue was Fogo do Chao. The restaurant provided its usual vast range of salads and meat, done in the classic Brazilian barbecue style.

It has become quite a favourite location and it’s always a guaranteed success regardless of which US city we happen to find ourselves in.


A Sunday of contrasts…

As customary, the Directors met for their session to discuss group issues. They fully reviewed all matters raised at the previous meeting and confirmed any actions taken since then.

The Directors worked through GFG issues as set by their agenda, which included a review of the finances and budget, along with future conference locations. All items would be relayed to members during the open forum the following day.


Cocktails and snacks…

The Embassy Suites always manage to surprise with the value for money that they offer. Each evening the guests enjoy cocktails and snacks at no extra charge during the Manager’s Reception. This time was no exception and, with such strong friendships amongst the GFG membership, it provided an ideal setting to exchange news and meet for dinner.



An Open Forum to encourage conversation…

IMGP5756 IMGP5757

The latest format was an open forum – a casual layout designed to encourage an informal setting for members to share their opinions. It is the willingness of the organisation to adapt and try new options that keeps things in tune with what members want from their conference.


Voting Matters…

Although there was no official voting during this meeting, a show of hands was taken regarding the dates for the Fall 2009 conference in the Philippines. It was clear from the results below that the most suitable dates would be 25 – 28 October 2009.

The Fall 2009 conference will coincide with the 20th Anniversary of Eagle Express, which will be worthy cause for celebrations.


New Member Submissions…


Left: Mr Dave Cerasi of LSI Ireland addressed the membership to introduce himself and his company as the new member for Ireland.



Right: Mr Mr Hasnain Raza Zaidi also introduced himself and his company, General Freight of Pakistan, to the members.



Sponsor Presentations…


Logiware kindly sponsored the GFG for the second time at a casual conference.



Photo below: Alan Palmore and Gokulnath Venkataraman brought an abundance of information and merchandise to highlight their company.

  Photo below right: Mr Alan Palmore of Logiware


Logiware have also generously pledged their support for the Fall 2008 conference in Buenos Aires. Logiware2

Sales Meetings …

Monday afternoon was spent holding the face-to-face meetings that are the real working aspect of the conference. There were over 200 scheduled meetings and many more unscheduled meetings between members, which kept members busy.

Tuesday welcomed the continuation of the individual sales meetings. Many members also made the most of their time in LA by carrying out joint customer visits in the area with the hosts, Ken Hamanaka.

IMGP5769 IMGP5770
IMGP5772 IMGP5777
IMGP5778 IMGP5810
IMGP5812 IMGP5780
IMGP5782 IMGP5784
IMGP5783 IMGP5779


Another return to a popular restaurant …

On Monday night, the GFG returned to Tony P’s to enjoy a buffet meal amongst friends. The group had previously visited during the first Los Angeles meeting in 2006 and it was good to revisit the restaurant with its serene harbourside setting and great food.

IMGP5789 IMGP5791
IMGP5792 IMGP5793


Sadly, it was all too soon time for people to leave LAX, with some moving on to do more business nearby, others going back home to catch up on their work. As the Global Friends Group dispersed, thoughts were already on the next chance to meet up – in Buenos Aires in September, offering a tempting tango along with business.