LAX hosts second ‘Casual’ Conference…



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In the distant hills the HOLLYWOOD sign presided over LA but it was the LAX sign that presided over the GFG Spring 2006 conference at the Embassy Suites LAX North…

GFG Secretary Rachel Marchant reports on events in Los Angeles, 17 – 19 April 2006.


The venue was the Embassy Suites LAX North, a convenient location for both the airport and the offices of the local GFG host, Ken Hamanaka Co., Inc. With its open plan atrium, generous suites and complimentary cocktail reception each evening, the Embassy Suites provided a perfectly suited setting for the GFG members to meet, work and socialise.

After a successful trial of the new casual conference in Atlanta in Spring 2005 and a majority vote by GFG members to repeat the experience, Los Angeles provided a suitable venue for the second such event.

The introduction of a casual, non-mandatory meeting started in Atlanta, Georgia, USA in April 2005 and, although moving from East Coast to West Coast USA, the format remained the same for the Los Angeles meeting. there was not a General Assembly or the usual range of formal social functions but the Directors still met and the sales meetings flowed, as did the liquid refreshments during the informal socialising.


Director teamwork…


 The Directors started their events on Saturday evening with dinner at the stunning house of the local host and Director, Brigit Hamanaka. With many hands making light work, the result was great food, excellent company and a beautiful venue overlooking the beach. The multi-skilled GFG President showed her Italian roots by cooking up a traditional pasta dish.


Sunday saw the Directors meeting again but for serious discussion, with the full day spent reviewing group business and the past six months’ activities and developments.


LAX Marina

Over lunch the Directors met with the new member for Illinois, Mr David Kratt of D Kratt International Inc, based in Chicago. Mr Kratt had received positive reports of the Global Freight Group through the group’s previous member for Illinois and kindly attended at rather short notice.

For members the format of the conference remained the same as the previous casual conference with two days dedicated to face-to-face meetings. With a total of 35 members the sales meetings rooms were busy with discussion.

LAX mtgroom

Some of the GFG Sales Meetings

Some members took good opportunity of the ‘no charge’ conference to bring a team of staff for operational discussions with other members. The ethos behind the casual meetings is to encourage operations and sales staff to attend in order to give the ‘hands-on’ approach top billing.


It wouldn’t be the GFG without…

…socialising opportunities and the group made sure they enjoyed some relaxation time together. Having booked Tony P’s Dockside Grill at Marina Del Rey for about 20 people for a meal on Monday evening, numbers increased and a total of 40 people took over the patio area. It was quite a night for the locals also as there was a major college baseball game and the cheers could be heard throughout the marina.

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Part of the Ken Hamanaka team with friends The GFG at Tony P’s


Relaxed but productive…

…the laid back Californian lifestyle and informal structure of the conference might have provided a relaxed atmosphere for the event but there was certainly still a great deal of discussion taking place and business being discussed.

Plans are already in place for the Spring 2007 conference in Atlanta for another casual conference. In between these events the usual formal conference will take place – a full array of events and meetings in Cape Town, South Africa in September 2006.