Forward Thinking: Eastrong Logistics (Malaysia)

December 22, 2023

Forward Thinking - Eastrong Logistics - Global Freight Group

This month, we sat down with our member in Malaysia, David Mak from Eastrong Logistics to talk about their Global Freight Group membership, the business’s journey so far, and strategies for partnerships in East Asia. Watch the full video interview here.  

Some of the key points discussed in the video include: 

Two decades in the making for the GFG membership

With over two decades of experience, Eastrong Logistics has evolved into a significant player not only in major Chinese cities, but also in Southeast Asia, crossing all over Taiwan, Korea, and Dubai. 

One of the key highlights of this video interview was the excitement around becoming a member of the Global Freight Group after around 10 years. Eastrong Logistics sees the significant value of the insights, network, and collaboration within the Group. Despite being an SME, Eastrong recognizes the importance of moving in the right direction with a strategy focusing on growth through collaboration and making networks, rather than being fully price driven.  

David Mak, Eastrong Logistics 

“We are excited about becoming a member of an organisation like Global Freight Group. We treasure the Group’s value.” 

Navigating challenges and grabbing opportunities 

Eastrong Logistics is committed to dealing with challenges and making the most of opportunities in Southeast Asia. Instead of just waiting for business, Eastrong Logistics actively works to get unique market share, showing that it’s proactive in growing. Its move into different cities in Southeast Asia shows how much it’s focused on making supply chains work better and really understanding the local markets. 

Global Freight Group - Forward Thinking - Eastrong Logistics Malaysia

Exceptional collaboration for a win-win situation 

Collaboration within the Global Freight Group has been a cornerstone of Eastrong’s success. Engagements with fellow members, go beyond routine business transactions.  

Eastrong Logistics believes that a successful logistics partner should follow global standards and making things consistent – making sure that different teams blend well and improve the quality of their logistics solutions. The business’s commitment to consistency shows it as being fully dedicated to offering a truly great service and building long-term partnerships within the Global Freight Group.  

In conclusion 

Eastrong’s story is truly inspiring, and we want to thank David Mak for taking the time out to speak to us. It’s been a real pleasure getting to know David’s thoughts so far on the Global Freight Group membership. Watch the full video interview with David Mak from Eastrong Logistics. 

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