GFG Spring Conference Goes For Third Time Lucky In Atlanta



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The GFG conference received sponsorship from Logiware


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Back to Buckhead Embassy Suites for the 5th casual Spring Conference.

GFG Group Administrator Rachel Marchant reports back from the Spring 2009 Conference in Atlanta, 5 – 7 April 2009.


Looking back and learning, looking forward and planning in Atlanta…

In April 2009 the GFG spring conference returned to Atlanta, Buckhead Embassy Suites, for the third time. It was interesting to see the ongoing developments in the area, changing over the years from an up and coming area to a very ‘happening’ area of Atlanta. The GFG has undergone the similar development over the years…

Views in 2005 Views in 2009
ATL05 ATL09 Views
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One aspect is the format of the spring conference – adapting, updating and changing in accordance with its members’ views and needs. The original casual meeting in Atlanta did not have a General Assembly or an Open Forum and it was felt that the meeting lacked this chance to bring members together and update each other. Therefore, although a formal General Assembly was not necessary, some sort of discussion platform was, and so came the Open Forum. This offered members the chance to raise issues, find out about developments within the group, enabled new members to introduce themselves to everyone and generally covered the matters everyone was interested in. After this, it was down to business as usual with all the individual sales meetings.


Attendance Listing…

Despite the global economic state, there was still a strong presence at the conference with a total of 55 people, of which 40 were delegates from a total of 23 companies. True enough, it wasn’t as high as at previous spring conferences but it seems some members might be opting to save for the mandatory conference in Manila in October 2009.


Sponsor Presentations…

Logiware Software kindly supported the Atlanta conference by having three representatives present; Alan Palmore, Gokul Venkataraman and Ray Hurley. Mr Palmore updated member with their latest developments and they were all available during the conference to answer members’ queries.

The link here (Logi-ware) will access a summary page of their services.Visit the company website ( for full details of their software services. logiware
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If your company would like to sponsor a future GFG event, please follow this link for more information. Sponsorship opportunities are limited so please make your interest known as early as possible.


New Member Submissions…

The Directors were also pleased to introduce two new members, Honduamerican Cargo and Logistics from Honduras and Headwin Logistics from Northern China.

ATL09 Hondu HeadwinATL
Norma David and John Khazenie from Honduamerican Cargo & Logistics in Honduras.

 Simon Jiang from Headwin Logistics in Northern China.


Sales Meetings deemed ‘ most productive yet’…

Despite the lower number of delegates, Rachel received positive feedback from several members who stated that these sales meetings had been some of the most productive they had experienced. The feeling was that those members who had made the effort to attend the conference, were determined to get the most from it and were making extra effort with leads, discussions and opportunities for business. Great news indeed!

ATL09 GA 2 ATL09 GA 6
ATL09 GA 7 ATL09 GA 5


Socialising is always on the GFG Agenda…

Kicking off the social events on Sunday evening, our local hosts Bill and Barbara Mordecai of USA Cargo, kindly opened their home to GFG members for a southern-style barbecue. Although the weather wasn’t on our side this year, our attention was taken up with great company, and plentiful culinary delights, including the local speciality peach cobbler.

On Monday evening 41 out of the 55 delegates joined in a return visit to local favourite restaurant Fogo do Chao. The causal meal is a perfect opportunity to catch up with friends on a social level when the day has been spent in business mode. By day the Global Freight Group but by night the Global Friends Group. As often happens, the meal is just the start of an evening of socialising so it was no surprise when the GFG members found each other in the hotel bar a little later.

Tuesday saw more sales meetings – overall about half of the members had requested scheduled meetings with the other half arranging their own. This seemed to work fine and by early afternoon, everyone had managed to complete their list of required meetings.


Business Summary Gives Positive Feedback …

Rachel received very positive feedback from several members about the fact that they thought this conference had been particularly productive, with members really working hard to achieve more business. Great feedback indeed. It’s good to see that members not only maintain, but actually increase, their effort and input in the group during these tough economic times.
Thank you to our Atlanta hosts: USA Cargo and Lee Hardeman CB.

Thank you also to all the members who joined in the conference and various events, supporting the GFG and its members.