As a member, you have immediate access to a global network of business partners who will work with you on a profit sharing basis – providing you with a “local” office everywhere in the world to make sure that your customers’ cargo gets to its final destination as fast and efficiently as possible.

At the same time, you will become the “local” office in your country/territory for all the other members of the Group – handling incoming traffic from their customers.

Low costs

We are determined to keep the costs of membership as low as possible which is why we are a non-profit organisation.

For full details on membership costs, visit our becoming a member page.


As well as enabling formal GFG business to be managed, the conferences provide the opportunity for members to hold face-to-face business meetings (usually over 1000 separate meetings of this kind are held). This is the most cost-effective way of conducting business on a global scale.


Member to Member Liability Fund

The GFG operates a monthly reporting system, via email, to keep members informed of any payment issues within the group. This is known as the 90+ Days Listing. This listing enables other members to see any patterns of non-payment, so they can assess risk and exercise credit control where necessary. It also forms part of the criteria for any debts subsequently submitted to the Member to Member Liability Fund.