The Global Freight Group prides itself on its strong member relationships. When seeking our members’ opinions, there was a recurring theme – professionalism.

This professionalism ensures that your freight is handled by individuals who you know personally. GFG members treat your freight as their own. You can be sure that your cargo is handled by a person who cares, however far away from origin or destination.

We are looking for new members in the following areas:

  • Africa - Kenya, Mozambique, Tunisia.
  • Europe - Austria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Russia.
  • Middle East - Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia.
  • North America - Louisiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Virginia, Washington.
  • Central America - Nicaragua, El Salvador, Belize, Costa Rica.
  • South America - Bolivia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Paraguay.

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In the evolving world of logistics, weather-related disruptions are a significant challenge. From hurricanes in the Americas to typhoons in Asia, and snowstorms in Europe, unpredictable weather can severely impact global supply chains 🚢

A comprehensive onboarding process for new members 🚚 We’re connecting the world with our welcome onboarding pack to make sure that each representative member has everything they need to thrive within the membershipr:

A global gathering of minds at our Annual Conference 🍾 Come together for a three-day special event dedicated to conducting global business. The Annual Conference created unparalleled opportunities for pitching partnerships, driving industry improvements & networking.


Share your business to a global market ✈️ Open up a platform to showcase your independent freight business and its specialities on a worldwide scale. Add the Global Freight Group to your ongoing communications and help your message to go further:

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