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Mobility Matters: Crutches 4 Africa

USA Cargo and the Rotary Club join forces with Crutches 4 Africa for Mobility Aids Shipment 

30 June 2017

The Global Freight Group's Georgia USA member, USA Cargo Services, gives recognition where due to this great charity - Crutches 4 Africa - and its founder, David Talbot...


Sometimes it takes a simple prompt a ‘light bulb’ moment or in this case, something as simple as a ‘crutch’, to start a great idea.

Such was the case for the founder of ‘Crutches 4 Africa’, David Talbot.  He had been involved with a documentary in Uganda when he realised that, although the existing work to provide water and education to people in Africa was commendable, without the means to reach the wells and schools, the people were as far away from the source of help as they always had been.


David, a polio survivor himself, knew he had to change this.  In the USA, and many other countries, we benefit from healthcare and take for granted that we can obtain items which provide us with mobility, such as crutches, canes, walkers and wheel chairs.  In Africa they have no such luxury, often lacking any assistance when robbed of mobility by illness, injury or disability.

David realised that there were probably thousands of unused, discarded mobility aids in America, if only he could get those to the people in Africa who needed them.

Thus Crutches 4 Africa was born in Denver, Colorado.


David started with strong numbers and had great success in getting the mobility aids to those who needed them.  Having to rely on crutches himself, David formed a natural bond, through empathy, with those he met and vice versa.  They knew he understood.


However, when he met Rotary member and logistics expert, Richard Cope of USA Cargo, at a Rotary Convention in the UK, the C4A project really picked up.  Richard got his local Rotary Clubs involved and soon there were thosuands of mobility aids finding their way into the USA Cargo warehouse and then on to transport for shipment to various countries, though mainly Africa.

Crutches4Africa Figures2017

Quantities have gone from 92,000 to 98,000 - quantities have grown exponentially with the Cobb County Rotary Clubs’ involvement.  On their website, they reported:

“It is stunning, jaw-dropping,” C4A founder David Talbot said about the Cobb group’s commitment to the project. “And it seems to be only scratching the surface.”

In its first five years, Talbot said, his organization sent about 10,000 pairs of crutches, canes, walkers and wheelchairs to various countries and cities in Africa. In two weeks, the Rotarians in Cobb got commitments for 30,000 more.”

In January 2017, they shipped a whole container to Kenya, with people forming a fire bucket chain to help move the second-hand items from the warehouse, into the container and on their way to their new home in Africa.

Check out the 'fire bucket chain' on their video page!

CIMG3369SmA  CIMG3381Sm

This is a fantastic exercise in “reduce, re-use, recycle”, not to mention the incredible teamwork to get unwanted items to those who really need them.  This is truly a case of turning one person’s trash into another person’s treasure.

It’s a “win win” arrangement but they could really benefit from your help too…

Why not get involved?!


What you can do now…

- help spread the word about the work of Crutches 4 Africa via Twitter:

- look up your nearest collection point and help out:

- consider collecting from, or at, your local sports, medical or social centre.  If in the USA and you have unwanted items, contact Crutches$Africa:

- donate funds to assist with shipping, $3 per item (a coffee) is all it takes: or on your phone:  givelify  download the app and go to Crutches 4 Africa

- get your local Rotary Club involved and co-ordinate with those already involved:

- read the Rotary Clubs’ full article about the programme here:

- learn - This organistation really has thought of every aspect in order to guide others and facilitate the collection and storgage of unwanted walking aids - from ways to collect, store and even how to stack crutches.

On Crutches4Africa's Partners page you can see their appreciation for the GFG member, USA Cargo:

USACargo Web logo
"Richard Cope is one of our shipping agents and has made that task so much easier for us."


Well done to all involved - fantastic work!

To contact the GFG's Atlanta, Georgia member:

USA Cargo Services Co.,
1343 Terrell Mill Road, Suite 200, Marietta, Georgia, USA 30067

President:                                            Richard Cope
Freight Enquiries to:                   

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Article by: R Marchant, GFG Group Administrator, 30 June 2017

The GFG: 21 years old and still learning...

Even after 21 years, and the fact that most of its founding members continue their membership, the GFG is not complacent.

The GFG is one of the world's original, exclusive networks.  The fact that one or two other groups now offer exclusivity proves we are doing it right and, since "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", we thank them for their compliment!

ith so much competition, one must continue to develop, so we sought input from those who are the strength of the GFG - its members.

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  • Mobility Matters: Crutches 4 Africa

    USA Cargo and the Rotary Club join forces with Crutches 4 Africa for Mobility Aids Shipment 


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