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Meachers Global Logistics - Saints on Bikes

Meachers Global Logistics' Latest Charity Challenge 

16 June 2017

The Global Freight Group's United Kingdom member, Meachers Global Logistics, joins other saintly cyclists for the Saints Foundation Big Bike Challenge 2017...



The GFG’s UK member, Meachers Global Logistics, is making the news again, this time with their charity activities.

The Saints Foundation is a local cause, raising money for charities in the Southampton area, with which Meachers and their staff have a natural affinity.  As such, they have joined in with and raised funds for the foundation numerous times.  The latest event was the cycling challenge that sent them on their southward bicycle journey – the Saints Foundation Big Bike Challenge 2017.


Phto above: Gary Whittle, (second from right) with the rest of the Meachers team.

This is not the first time Gary Whittle has taken part in such charity challenges, having previously completed routes such as the London to Paris, the London to Brighton and various other routes.

This time he and the Meachers team followed a football theme, starting at Stoke City football stadium.


Photo above: Starting point at Stoke City Football Club stadium, the full cycle team lined up for the start.

With a course of almost 200 miles, the riders needed to complete 90 miles per day in order to reach their destination of Southampton Football Club within the two day timescale.  There was no time for sitting around (apart from on the saddle) with their arduous efforts only alleviated by the kind support of St John’s Ambulance service, ready to nurse any wounds or sore bits.  Don’t ask where!

Meachers BikeRide17MapBikes

Image above: The route is long, whichever road you take

Gary and his team survived the early morning starts, long days of exertion and finally completed the route at Southampton Football Club.  Not content with the distance they had already ridden, they then rode a lap around the pitch to the cheers of local supporters.  Quite a saintly tribute in itself.

The Meachers team raised over £3,000 for the All Saints Foundation, contributing nicely to the overall £40,000 raised by the whole event.

Cycling Saint

Great work Meachers!

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Article by: R Marchant, GFG Group Administrator, 16 June 2017

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