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12 February 2016

The GFG members certainly are up-to-date with the freight trends.  
Whilst the industry reports on some humdrum cargo, the GFG members are moving all sorts of interesting items around the world.

The GFG’s Spanish member, Airpharm, even rebranded to represent their mix of expertise: freight and pharmaceuticals, whilst forging ahead with a bright, green future.  With offices around Spain and also Hungary and Uruguay, Airpharm are a perfect example of a GFG member, using their experience and skills to enrich the network.  See the feature article here: Airpharm – A Greener Future 

logo airpharm negativo 
Similarly, the GFG’s Italian airfreight member, Esse Emm Srl, shares its expertise, not only in air freight, providing regular updates, but also regarding live shipments, starting up the GFG Live group.  Marina Marzani, Vice President of Esse Emme and undisputed animal lover once said that animals were more interesting…
Shipping animals is perhaps an ideal job for Marina – showing that you can combine business with pleasure.  In fact, such is her commitment and success in handling live freight that, Esse Emme, courtesy of Marina, has become the most successful Italian forwarder handling live animals.
EsseEmmeWeb Esse Emme’s website shows their specialism, including their membership of related associations: ATA and IPATA.

Read Esse Emme’s website page:

It would seem that Marina is not the only one mixing business with pleasure as a recent article by Flying Typers showed.  Jan Krems also puts the animals first according to this excerpt…  
  Staying The Course

      “There is no question that Jan Krems stands tall amongst the small handful of top air cargo leaders in the world.
     But we are happy to report that love for what he does drives this guy to take to new heights the opportunity he describes as his “best and last job in air cargo.”
     During our conversation Jan brings out his cell phone with a picture of some dogs he has rescued, which are now living in his home north of Chicago with his wife, kids, and parents visiting from Holland.
     In the photo, Jan is fast asleep on the floor with the dogs lined up comfy on the couch.
     While we are drinking in this rather comical scene, Jan is talking a mile a minute about the United program “PetSafe,” and what a truly great and industry-leading service PetSafe is.
     But the picture conveys the reality; here is someone who truly loves animals and brings that love to a service his company provides around the world.

     Later, as we board our aircraft back to New York, we spot some PetSafe containers moving about the hardstand for another flight and I wonder for a nanosecond if we might trade our seats upstairs for a ride with the dogs under the passenger cabin.”

 Article text and picture courtesy of Flying Typers’ newsletter:

Marina has got up early, gone home late and personally supervised many a pet shipment, including Shogun, whose family were very grateful.  See our previous article here:  Shogun’s New Life

Marina and Jan are not the only ones realising that people don’t want to leave their pets behind and, as such, they require proper care during their move.United Cargo, Petsafe and Esse Emme Srl are already on board with all the requirements.

Others are catching up…

Photo Right: Shogun with his family, airline staff and Marina (second from right)

Esse Emme Shogun

JFK released a press announcement in 2012 for it ‘ARK’ project – its new state-of-the-art animal handling facilities to ensure they can offer the required level of comfort and care.

“Expansive 172,165 square-foot center to operate 24/7 for worldwide import and export needs “

Press release:

So it seems proof that one can mix business with pleasure and indeed some freight is simply for the love of it – the animal, that is.  

Esse Emme s.r.l.
Via traversi, 1 20068 – Peschiera Borromeo (Mi)
Tel: +39 02 55 37 941
Fax: +39 02 55 30 51 05

EsseEmme Web Logo 

Marina’s main role is Vice President at the GFG’s Italian airfreight member company, Esse Emme Srl.

She is also an expert in the shipment of live animals, a member of IPATA, and offers her expertise to the GFG Live group.

You can appreciate Marina’s air freight expertise by reading other articles featuring her and Esse Emme here:

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Article by: R Marchant, GFG Group Administrator, 12 February 2016

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