Advisory: Kenya’s PVoC Notice…

4 January 2016

The Global Freight Group’s members share the latest advisory for Kenyan freight: PVoC

The GFG’s Kenya member, Globalfreight Logistics, advised:

Dear All,

Trust you’re all well and hope you all had a good Festive Season. Please find attached the requirements for the Pre-Shipment Inspection for shipments destined to Kenya.

We wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year.


Kenya PVoC

The GFG’s UK Member, Meachers Global Logistics, also advised of the new programme, offering the KEBS official full manual for guidance.

Hi Rachel

Hope you had a good Christmas, a very Happy new Year to you.

Following on from the email concerning changes in Kenyan regulations, the members  might find the attached of interest.

Rob Lewis
Director Meachers Global Logistics MEACHERS LOGO 2COLOUR

You can access that pdf file here.

The online version of the manual can also be found here:

An overview of PVoC can be found on the Kenya Bureau of Standards website:

Thank you to both members for keeping everyone informed.


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Article by: R Marchant, GFG Group Administrator, 4 January 2016

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