IATA Resolution 651 – CSD / E-CSD – UPDATE…

8 February 2016

The GFG’s airfreight expert, Marina Marzani, informed the GFG and its members of the latest update to her original full notice, visible below. The latest update, relayed from Air Logistics Italy’s newsletter, stated that CSD was now mandatory in the USA.

Having shared the update with the GFG members to ensure they had the very latest regulations status, a new discussion was prompted – to CSD or not to CDS? There seems to be confusion over whether it is now mandatory or not, with even airlines offering differing information. No doubt, once settled, this will benefit our colleagues and friends in the industry. What’s your view?


How the discussion started…

Marina relayed the following notice from “Air Logistics Italy Newsletter”:

160202 New Consignment Security Declaration for shipments bound for the United States – SAS Cargo

Dear Customer,

As The United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has issued a directive which requires a security declaration for all shipments bound for the United States.
Effective immediately, agents are required to either attach a statement to the MAWB (Consignment Security Declaration) or alternatively to enter the wording either in the Handling Information field or the Nature & Quantity of Goods field on the MAWB.

The statement on the MAWB being:

“Name of Entity” has reviewed all available documentation and has determined that none of the cargo being offered in this consignment or consolidation has originated in, transferred from, or transited through any point in Egypt, Somalia, Syria or Yemen”

This statement can appear on a separate document (CSD) or may be included in any other paper or electronic document associated with the consignment or consolidation,
For any question please refer with us as follow:
Booking e Customer Service:

06 6595 27305


Ufficio Commerciale:

02 2187 1515


Kind Regards

Diego Livi

Ops & customer service Manager / BPA

Air Logistics Group

tel: +39 06 6595 27307

Fax: +39 06 6595 27306

Web: www.airlogisticsgroup.com


Just to add some extra discussion, one GFG member shared the latest Lufthansa notice, adding…
“We have just received the attached communication from Lufthansa stating this declaration is now no longer required ?

Even more confusion!”

Lufthansa Notice:

Frankfurt, 03.02.2016

New security declaration for USA since January, 29th 2016

Dear Mr. Webb,

Last week we informed you of the changes to the TSA regulations effective 29th of January 2016.

These changes applies to all shipments going to and via the USA which will require an additional manual security declaration which confirms that the shipments have at no point originated from, transited through or transferred from Egypt, Syria, Somalia or Yemen.

We at Lufthansa Cargo have been working extremely hard in establishing a solution to satisfy these regulations which would have the minimum effect on you. As such we have developed a process which allows your freight to be accepted and transported to the usual Lufthansa Cargo standards. The compliance with the new TSA regulatory requirements will be assured by us Lufthansa Cargo via an automatic document check, therefore no extra declaration will no longer be required from you. This document check is based upon the data you already provide us with. Therefore it is of the utmost importance that the consignment data you provide is accurate and complete in order that a seamless transportation of your freight is guaranteed.

We are pleased to have simplified the transportation of your US bound shipments with this solution. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact your local Lufthansa Cargo customer service office.

Best regards
Lufthansa Cargo
Carsten Wirths
Vice President
Europe Africa
  Lufthansa Cargo
Harald Zielinski
Chief of Security & Environmental Management

Registered Office; Corporate Headquarters: Frankfurt am Main, Lufthansa Cargo AG, Flughafen Bereich West, Tor 21, Gebäude 322, 60546 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Registration: Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main HRB 90085
Chairperson of the Supervisory Board: Harry Hohmeister
Executive Board: Peter Gerber (Chairman), Dr. Alexis von Hoensbroech, Dr. Karl-Rudolf Rupprecht, Dr. Martin Schmitt

Attention: This message contains confidential information intended only for the person(s) named above. If you have received this message in error, please notify us immediately and delete this message and any attachment from your computer.
This email has been generated automatically. Therefore please do not reply to this address. Instead you are more than welcome to contact us via our service hotline.

CSD notices have certainly opened active discussion amongst the GFG members.

The overall advice?

If in doubt, check with the airline you intend to use and the regulations in the countries concerned!

What is your experience of these latest rulings?

Can we find / share an concise, verified guide which covers all?

The IATA website offers a range of Fact Sheets here: http://www.iata.org/pressroom/facts_figures/fact_sheets/pages/index.aspx

TIACA Friday Flyer UPDATE – TIACA have obviously realised there is some confusion and offered the following advisory:

“As an update to the recent security program Amendments from the TSA regarding cargo bound for the US from certain geographic areas, the TSA has now published a separate new Cargo Information Bulletin (CIB). This CIB is accessible to all forwarders who are regulated as Indirect Air Carriers (IAC’s) under TSA Security Programs. The bulletin is posted on the IACMS secure website.


IAC’s are encouraged to review this document to help clarify information that should be provided to air carriers for these shipments. They may share the information with their Authorized Representatives in accordance with the procedures contained in the IAC Security Program. For further information, Forwarders should contact their TSA representative.”

Follow TIACA on the Web!




9 February 2016 – very latest update…

Marina has shared the TSA directive:

TSA Notice 4Feb16Sm

GFG Group Administrator
(not an air freight expert!)



22 January 2016

The GFG shares its expertise…

The GFG’s Italian airfreight member, Esse Emm Srl, provides an update on recent requirements, courtesy of their Vice President, Marina Marzani. Marina attended the recent IATA meetign and shares her knowledge:

Good day everyone and happy new year to you all

Maybe you remember that our President,Mr Ilan Fidler,informed that I accepted to cooperate with the GFG as far as the airfreight rules and regulations are concerned and this is my first update regarding a very important matter.

As some of you probably know,I’m in a working Group of IATA both in Italy and Switzerland and in charge to follow the security and safety so I’m always updated about what’s going on.

The IATA resolution 651,effective Jan 1st,2016, put in place a new security declaration (CSD or E-CSD for those who are familiar with E freight)

The aim to have one only form to declare that our shipments are secured,is to speed up the security process at origin,transit and destination points

If everybody will be able to read a declaration in the same format,time will be saved for sure and consequentely money will be saved too

You will find here enclosed the CSD form with the instructions to fill it and some important information regarding the e csd also.

For EEC country only: the CSD cannot be mandatory at the moment since we have in place the EEUU regulation nr 185 which can’t be substituted by a RESO IATA but IATA and ICAO (and also the Association of the Freight Forwarders) suggest to start to use it as well.

For Switzerland only: your Civil Aviation Authorization still requires that security is made and mentioned on each single hawb

If some of you would like to have the RESO 651 in full,please let me know and I’ll send it to you.

I remain at your full disposal for any further information you should require

Kind regards

Marina Marzani

Airfreight Consultant

Global Freight Group

Email: marina.sm ‘at’ esseemmeint.it

Open IATA fact sheet here:
IATA Resolution 651 – CSD / E-CSD…

Esse Emme s.r.l.
Via traversi, 1 20068 – Peschiera Borromeo (Mi)
Tel: +39 02 55 37 941
Fax: +39 02 55 30 51 05

EsseEmme Web Logo

Marina’s main role is Vice President at the GFG’s Italian airfreight member company, Esse Emme Srl.

She is also an expert in the shipment of live animals, a member of IPATA, and offers her expertise to the GFG Live group.

You can appreciate Marina’s air freight expertise by reading other articles featuring her and Esse Emme here:

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Article by: R Marchant, GFG Group Administrator, 22 January 2016

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