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We thought you might appreciate a round up of the industry related items here – to save you searching through the months of updates… 

As a starting point, we have only gone back as far as January 2015 but will continue to add updates as news comes in. Do you have anything to add that might benefit the GFG members and other visitors? If so, please send it to: admin ‘at’ Thanks – I look forward to hearing from you!

Articles appear in reverse chronological order but subjects are kept together when original and updated articles feature:…n-compliant-wood/

15 January 2018 – Panama – Shipping Document Requirements


20 November 2017 – Canada – Wood Regulations


12 December 2016 – VGM – USA – special exemption for AgTC

19 August 2016 – Bangladesh – Dhaka Airport Backlog

29 July 2016 – Australia Inbound Cargo Reporting

1 June 2016 – So Long SOLAS?

25 April 2016 – Euro – Sino – Singapore Rail Route

9 March 2016 – Lithium Batteries Advice

PubLic Enemy No1 Lithium
29 February 2016 – reminder from October 2015 issue

Philippines Mandatory manifest submission for air cargo

 Flag of the Philippines.svg
12 February 2016

Live freight – ask the experts, the GFG has its own expert:

8 February 2016

CSD / IATA 651 Update:

22 January 2016

CSD / IATA 651 Original Notice:

8 January 2016

Brazil – New rules for shipment of wood:

7 June 2016

22 April 2016

SOLAS – USA Cargo – an observation:

A freight forwarder’s viewpoint…
23 March 2016

SOLAS Update – Latest USA developments:
11 February

SOLAS Article – Container Weight Verification (courtesy of Talking Logistics)
4 January 2016

SOLAS Update – Container Weight Verification:
23 November 2015

SOLAS Original Article – Container Weight Verification:
23 November 2015

 SOLAS UK Details – Container Weight Verification:
23 November 2015

 SOLAS Canada Details – Container Weight Verification:
4 January 2016

Kenya – PVOC Conformity Assessment Programme:
14 December 2015

Australia / China Free Trade Agreement:

 Australia China Flags
7 December 2015

MBL Preparation Notice – Kuwait, Indonesia, Angola:

3 March 2015

Australia – Marmorated Stink Bug

Prior notices are available on the GFG website, although are not listed here.

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Article by: R Marchant, GFG Group Administrator, 18 February 2016

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