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GFG Introduction

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The GFG's strength comes from its relationships

The Global Freight Group prides itself on its strong inter-member relationships. When seeking our members’ opinions, there was a recurring theme – friendliness. Not to be undervalued, this friendliness ensures that your freight is handled by individuals who you know personally. Other networks may ‘speak volumes’ but that may be volumes of members, at the expenses of personal service. What benefit is volume without good service?

By contrast, the GFG members treat your freight as their own. You can be sure that your cargo is handled by a person who cares, however far away from origin or destination.

The GFG delivers exclusivity to its members, without demanding it. The GFG is realistic – a strong company will already have good contacts which it shouldn’t have to abandon. We welcome these contacts as strengths not threats.

Being exclusive means only choosing the right members, which means you can rely on them to handle your freight with confidence. Such is the GFG – a network upon which you can rely, made up of like-minded independently owned companies.

We may not boast the largest membership, but we can certainly assure you of quality members whom you can get to know on an individual basis at our conferences - find out more about becoming a member on our membership opportunities page.

 To find out more of what our members think about their network,
visit our Member Testimonials page.
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To hear their opinions first-hand, watch our video here.

You will understand why one GFG member called the GFG “a great group “.

Do you want to be part of it?

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“A worldwide network of independent specialists in freight forwarding, customs brokerage and logistics solutions”.

A Brief History of Time - the GFG's background

* In 1994 six companies gathered on the East Coast of the USA to pool their knowledge and expertise, forming a strong base whilst maintaining their individual identities. So the Global Freight Group was born.

* The intervening decades have seen many members come, a few go, but overall the group has grown in strength of numbers and coverage, with member offices and/or logistics facilities in over 200 cities worldwide. It continues to grow steadily, but selectively.

* The Global Freight Group is a non-profit organisation, essentially run by its members for the benefit of its members.

* We aim to provide the opportunity for independent companies to effectively compete in new and existing markets on an equal level with the larger multinational forwarders and brokers.

* We keep costs low, with the network being driven by a voluntary President and Board of Directors, chosen by the members themselves. Whilst offering their wealth of experience and expertise, they seek no financial benefit in return. The Board offers expertise which covers US states, Europe, Africa, South America and Asia.

* Further cost efficiencies - the GFG employs just one staff member to handle all administrative matters and conference organisation. The GFG Group Administrator, Rachel Marchant, is based in the UK and can be contacted regarding any enquiries about the Global Freight Group. Email: administrator 'at' (please use actual @ in email address)

GFG Registered Office and Treasury Location:
1343 Terrell Mill Road, Suite 200
Marietta, Georgia, USA 30067

Administration Office Location:
Mount Road, Wolverhampton, WV4 5SN, UK
Telephone: (44) 1902-685158
Fax: (44) 1902-685164
Email: GroupAdmin 'at'
(please use actual @ in email address)

The GFG: 21 years old and still learning...

Even after 21 years, and the fact that most of its founding members continue their membership, the GFG is not complacent.

The GFG is one of the world's original, exclusive networks.  The fact that one or two other groups now offer exclusivity proves we are doing it right and, since "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", we thank them for their compliment!

ith so much competition, one must continue to develop, so we sought input from those who are the strength of the GFG - its members.

Here's one example of why our members value the GFG:

MAP Cargo, Colombia: "We value the GFG because it is a network of good friends doing business for mutual benefit."


  • Mobility Matters: Crutches 4 Africa

    USA Cargo and the Rotary Club join forces with Crutches 4 Africa for Mobility Aids Shipment 


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