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“One flight – one hotel – one event = numerous networking opportunities.”

You are invited:

The GFG's annual conference in 2017 will be in Greece.  With over 60 quality companies meeting in one location, your company could enjoy the benefits of a network which grows steadily with quality, not just quantity of, members.




Apply by 31st May 2017 to qualify for
free attendance.

“Free Membership & Conference Attendance - time limited offer!

For a limited time only, the Global Freight Group is offering free membership for one year (year 2) to the company which succeeds in becoming the GFG's exclusive member for their country and attends our conference in October 2017.

As an extra incentive, we will also extend free conference attendance for one delegate!

Don't miss the deadline, find out more by contacting us here

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Join Us!

GFG Join Global Network 

The GFG is always seeking to expand.

Since we are visiting Panama in September, we are actively seeking new members in countries nearby, where we are not currently represented.
If you are interested in joining a global, strong, exclusive network of logistics experts, take action now.

Take advantage of our 'buy one year, get one year free' membership fees offer and come to our Panama conference free of charge.

Yes, free of charge!
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Conference Format - a mix of work and play!

Why not join us in 2017?

We have many events - both work and social - during which you can make new friends and business partners from all over the world.

Our schedule of events is to the right:


Board of Directors' Meeting
Board of Directors’ Dinner


Board of Directors' Meeting
Board of Directors’ Lunch
General Assembly
GFG Welcome Cocktail Party


Member One-to-One Sales Meetings
Lunch (Delegates and guests)

Member One-to-One Sales Meetings
Open evening, at leisure


Member One-to-One Sales Meetings
Member One-to-One Sales Meetings
Closing Assembly
Closing Dinner


GFG Group Outing (optional, at extra cost)
Ask our members' opinion

Listen to what our members say about being part of the GFG

- "a great group!" -

click image for members' testimonies

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One flight - one hotel - one location = numerous business opportunities

Contact us here for more details.  We are waiting to hear from you!

Do you want to be part of the 'work hard, play hard' group? Join us now.

GFG Join Global Network

Enjoy a preview of what it's like to be part of the GFG, watch our video here
Link up with the GFG and 'go global', click here...

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We're extending a special offer - find out what it is here...



With the build up to #GFGPanama16, there were many speculators and spectators waiting to see what this hashtag related to - the Global Freight Group's annual conference in Panama!

We are pleased to report that it was a resounding success!  See for yourself, join us for our next conference.


Follow this Panama Conference Report link to read the full report...


Of course the main impetus of the conference is to promote business and join forces to increase efforts to build business. However, the strength of the GFG is that this is all done in a spirit of trust and genuine friendship. They say that those who “play together, stay together”.

The GFG has proven this by the fact that over half the original founding members, from 1994, still maintain their membership and involvement with the Global Freight Group. Longevity and loyalty are good traits in an ever- changing world – long may it continue.

#GFGPanama16 has passed but follow us via #GFGGreece17.

Sign up for ‘business in friendship’ with the GFG in Greece, 14-17 October 2017.

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Do you want to be part of the 'work hard, play hard' group?  Join us now.

GFG Join Global Network

Enjoy a preview of what it's like to be part of the GFG, watch our video here

Link up with the GFG and 'go global', click here...

GFG MemberOpps LinkUp RM26Mar15

We're extending a special offer - find out what it is here...


The GFG: 21 years old and still learning...

Even after 21 years, and the fact that most of its founding members continue their membership, the GFG is not complacent.

The GFG is one of the world's original, exclusive networks.  The fact that one or two other groups now offer exclusivity proves we are doing it right and, since "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery", we thank them for their compliment!

ith so much competition, one must continue to develop, so we sought input from those who are the strength of the GFG - its members.

Here's one example of why our members value the GFG:

MAP Cargo, Colombia: "We value the GFG because it is a network of good friends doing business for mutual benefit."


  • Mobility Matters: Crutches 4 Africa

    USA Cargo and the Rotary Club join forces with Crutches 4 Africa for Mobility Aids Shipment 


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Apply for membership of our exclusive global network - meet our members at our next conference in Panama in 2016


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