Bangladesh – Dhaka Airport Backlog

19 August 2016

The GFG’s Bangladesh member, Freight Management Limited, offers the following advisory about the current backlog of cargo at Dhaka Airport….

Dear Sir/Madam,
DAC airport is continuing to experience a huge backlog of air freight cargo with 1200 – 1500 tons of cargo lying at the airport without space and a similar amount being held at warehousing facilities.
  Currently all carriers are booked by 6 days ahead with many carriers increasing rates due to the high demand which has impacted transit time by an additional 5-6 days.

The main reasons for the backlog are:

  • Withdrawal of LH freighter due to security reasons (capacity loss of 80 tons per week)
  • Downgrade of WY flight (capacity loss of 70 tons per week)
  • Cancellation of EK freighter due to no inbound cargo (capacity loss of 200 tons per week)
  • Muslim biggest religious HAJ (Pilgrim) program started and Biman diverted wide body aircraft to carry HAJ passengers (capacity loss of 100 tons per week)
  • SV suspended two freighter (capacity loss 210 tons per week)
  • Import fabric clearance delay in Chittagong port due to congestion
  • Many ocean shipments have been converted to air due to Chittagong port congestion

FML has the below services available to minimise the disruption to your business:

  • Freighter option via DXB (mix 87 Tons)
  • Sea/ Air via CMB with 7 – 9 days transit
  • Sea/ Air via SIN with 7 – 9 days transit
  • Sea/ Air via DXB with 16 – 17 days transit time

If you have any query please do not hesitate to contact us. B’ regards


Freight Management Ltd

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Executive Director:

Mr. Md Wahiduzzaman Chunnu


+(8802) 55042012, 55042014, 55042025

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Article uploaded by: R Marchant, GFG Group Administrator, 19 August 2016

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