Australian Inbound Cargo Reporting

28 July 2016

The GFG’s Australian member, TFI Global, offers a reminder about advice regarding inbound cargo for Australia….

 Australian Inbound Cargo Reporting Requirements

Australian Border Force (Australian Customs) have advised their intention to increase their audit’s of cargo reporting as a priority objective. Timely and accurate cargo reporting is seen as a crucial aspect to their cargo screening regimes.

As a result and part of our due diligence, we remind you of these;


(In force since April 2013)

Please review and if necessary amend your “Standard Operating Procedures” for all sea and air freight cargoes destined for Australia.

Lodgement of late, incorrect, incomplete or fraudulentcargo reporting information will result in extra costs and a breach of Australian Border Force’s cargo reporting requirements. This can leave us liable for Infringement Notice penalties, as your cargo reporter. These are cumulative and not limited. So a penalty of AUD $2040 may be incurred multiple times on the same cargo report.

These penalties, when incurred, will be disbursed to your office if you are at fault.

Whilst TFI Global Offices are not open Saturdays, Sundays or public holidays, arrangements have been made for 24 hour 7 days a week reporting. It is imperative, however, that you ensure you email the correct TFI Global Office in advance of the following minimum reporting deadlines based on cargo arrival at the first Australian Port or Airport. Check in advance of shipment or uplift those correct Office contact details if necessary.

Please also consider Australia’s Date Line /Time Zone differences at Destination.

For freight consigned to Australian Ports or Airport;  

Air freight email pre-alerts by the Minimum Reporting Deadline;                        4 hours prior to aircraft arrival

Sea freight email pre-alerts by the Minimum Reporting Deadline;                         2 days (48 hours) prior to vessel arrival

Should you envisage any problems meeting these important cargo reporting requirements, please bring these to the TFI Global Office’s attention prior to shipment or uplift.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Matthew Wakefield – Managing Director

TFI Global Pty LtdLicensee for;
TFI Global MEL

Tel :

+61 3 9335 4888

  “straight forward freight”

To contact the GFG’s Australian member:

Australia – Head Office – Melbourne
TFI Global

18 Trade Park Drive
Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia 3043

Managing Director:              Matthew Wakefield
Telephone:                 (61) 3-9335-4888 / 1259
Fax:                                  (61) 3-9338-3646



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Article uploaded by: R Marchant, GFG Group Administrator, 3 August 2016


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